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Hi guys.
I'm using multiprocessing module to accelerate my program. and I want to do some cleanup work when sub-process exit. 
but I found that sub-process would be terminated when registered finalizer are working.

Is this behavior designed intentionally?

code example:

import multiprocessing as mp
from multiprocessing.util import Finalize
import os
import time

def finalizer():
    time.sleep(0.2) # some time consuming work
    print('do cleanup work: {}'.format(os.getpid()))

def worker(_):
    print('do some work: {}'.format(os.getpid()))

def initializer():
    # ref:
    Finalize(None, finalizer, exitpriority=1)

    # atexit module don't work along with multiprocessing module
    # because sub-process exit via os._exit()
    # ref:
    # atexit.register(finalizer)  # don't work

print('main process ID: {}'.format(os.getpid()))
with mp.Pool(4, initializer=initializer) as executor:, range(20))

gist link:
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