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> (message from a code of conduct violating troll deleted)

How did Bachsau violate the code of conduct, and what evidence do you 
have that they were anything but 100% sincere in their comments?

From where I am sitting, the only person violating the CoC is you 
(Gregory) with your hair-trigger accusation of trolling and zero- 
tolerance removal of a critical message. Your behaviour fails the CoC on 
all three points: it is not open, considerate or respectful.

It is not open to criticism: in #msg333923 Gregory wrote "let's see if 
anyone complains during the betas" but the first complaint gets censored 
without one word acknowledging the substance of the complaint.

Think about the message that sends about our openess to criticism.

Its not considerate: Bachsau took the time to comment about something 
they clearly feel very strongly about, even if only 30 seconds, and your 
response was to delete their comments with only a vague hand-wavy claim 
of a CoC violation. You didn't bother to explain what the claimed 
violation was. Even if the violation was clear in your head, it is not 
considerate of others who may not have that clarity of thought you do. 
How is Bachsau supposed to learn what to avoid doing in the future?

Backsau attacked the feature. Instead of assuming good faith until 
proven otherwise, you (Gregory) assumed bad faith from the first post, 
and attacked the *person*, labelling them a troll on zero evidence.

Being called a troll is not a small thing: it is an accusation that the 
poster is an insincere, dishonest, lying troublemaker. That's not 

Accusations of trolling should only be made on the basis of a pattern of 
behaviour, not because you don't like the poster's comment or disapprove 
of how they say it. Tone policing ("its not what you said, its how you 
said it") is an act of oppression and a derailing tactic. The stakes 
here may not be high (it's just a syntax warning!) but being passionate 
about Python is a good thing.

Vigourous and passionate disagreement with a feature is not trolling. It 
is not a violate the CoC to use strong language or to disagree with a 
feature. I don't believe anything in Bachsau's post violated the CoC. 
But I am sure that your heavy-handed act did.
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