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'max(n, 50)' should have been 'min(n, 50)'  Tal, does you comment avove about the former apply when corrected to the latter?

Both get... and setrecursionlimit should be wrapped in a function, such as 'wrap_recursionlimits', called from run.main, each decorated with functools.wraps.  Both docstrings should be augmented with ... .__doc__ += "\n\nWhen running under IDLE, ..."  This is all that is needed for getrecursionlimit.  The question is to do with setrecursionlimit.

Whatever is chosen should be added to the IDLE doc section mentioned above.

Currently, at least on CPython, n must be >= 1 or ValueError is raised.  I don't like changing that.  I don't have a strong feeling about threshholding versus incrementing, but see my question above.
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