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Two design issues:

1. As I said 2017-06-20, msg296499, I expect to add more alternatives to the standard run to this menu option and dialog.  (Cheryl, I should have pointed you to this post as well as the later ones.)  I want to add just one new option to have only 1 new key to learn.  I already cannot remember all of them and I expect I am not the only one.  They need to be together on one dialog so that uses can conveniently pick multiple options when that makes sense.  Running in a console with args is completely sensible.  And exclusionary logic, such as 'Cannot supply arguments if no restart' should be easier on one dialog.

The configuration and pseudoevent names, perhaps 'run-custom', should be changed to reflect that now.  For the menu, I am less sure.  Perhaps 'Run Custom', 'Run Setup', 'Run with Alternatives', 'Alternate Runs'?

2. I am pretty sure I prefer shift-F5 for the key.  (But cannot be sure until I try it.)  Easier to learn I think.
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