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Date 2019-06-03.00:00:46
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I wrote a minimum implementation: PR 13759 marks a test as "altered the execution environment" (ENV_CHANGED) if sys.unraisablehook() is called at least once. This this PR, 9 tests fail:

* test_urllib: see bpo-36918
* test_io: see bpo-18748

* test_thread: test_save_exception_state_on_error()
* test_yield_from: test_broken_getattr_handling()
* test_coroutines: test_fatal_coro_warning()
* test_cprofile: test_bad_counter_during_dealloc()
* test_raise: test_3611()
* test_ssl: test_sni_callback_raising() and test_sni_callback_wrong_return_type()

* test_generators: I'm not sure, it's maybe caused by doctests? multiple tests?
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