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Date 2019-05-25.10:07:52
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No problem with trying out your tests. 

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> On 25 May 2019, at 00:19, Erwan Le Pape <> wrote:
> Erwan Le Pape <> added the comment:
> Thanks for testing that. It's good that you used an actual address because that eliminates the possibility that AIX doesn't handle addresses it doesn't really know about.
> On the other hand, even when properly specified to a real scoped IPv6 address, `getaddrinfo` doesn't seem to get the necessary scope ID from the underlying C call which socket.getaddrinfo > _socket.getaddrinfo is pretty much mapped to.
> I'm looking at cpython/master for the socketmodule implementation:
> is `getaddrinfo`
> is `makesockaddr` which actually creates the 4-tuple returned as the last element of the `getaddrinfo` tuples.
> The fourth element (ie. the scope ID) is clearly `a->sin6_scope_id` which should contain the scope ID.
> At this stage, I don't know if this is a bug from the socketmodule which I doubt or if the AIX `getaddrinfo` simply just doesn't handle scoped IP addresses properly.
> If you're still okay to proxy tests for AIX, I'll try and come up with either a simple C snippet to see what's in the returned structure or ctype the AIX `libc` `getaddrinfo`.
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