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Date 2019-05-15.02:23:01
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This issue has been fixed in Python 3.8 with my work on refactoring Py_Main(). -E and -I command line options are now parsed, before reading PYTHONHASHSEED, and -I imply -E as expected. Extract of the code:

    if (config->isolated > 0) {
        config->user_site_directory = 0;

    if (config->use_environment) {
        err = config_read_env_vars(config);
        if (_Py_INIT_FAILED(err)) {
            return err;

where config_read_env_vars() indirectly reads PYTHONHASHSEED.

I'm not sure if the issue is fixed in Python 3.7 or not. The code in Python 3.7 was in a bad state. It's getting better with Python 3.8 :-)

Note: the overall refactoring work is related to PEP 432 and PEP 587.
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