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> For tests, you should be able to create your own REG_MULTI_SZ key with 
> zero-length strings and read it back. If the winreg module won't let 
> you do it, you may need ctypes (but that's okay in Windows-only 
> tests).

winreg.SetValueEx can create the value. We just need to add a case to test_case in Lib/test/, such as the following:

    ("Multi-nul", ["", "", "", ""], REG_MULTI_SZ)

> I just spent way too long looking for a MoveFileEx call that doesn't 
> exist, because this isn't actually about doing things on reboot :)

Do you mean a variation of MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_REBOOT that doesn't require administrator access? That would be useful if it existed. I suppose a MOVEFILE_DELAY_UNTIL_LOGOFF flag could be added to have the logon process (winlogon.exe, instead of smss.exe) perform the delete/rename operation under impersonation at the end of the session, or (given a system crash or power failure) the next time the user logs on.
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