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Date 2019-05-08.18:27:22
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cp65001 is the default codepage on Windows IoT Core and Windows NanoServer.  

There is also an option in control panel in Windows desktop 1809 (version 17763) and greater which changes the default codepage to cp65001. 
1. Run control.exe
2. Click Clock and Region> change date, time or number formats
3. Click administrative tab
4. Click "Change System locale..." button
5. Check "Beta: Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support"
6. Click OK twice.
7. You will be prompted to reboot.

> Code page 65001 handles lone surrogate differently on Windows XP and older.

If I read the docs correctly a lone surrogate is an error.  I don't think a corner case like handling errors differently makes cp65001 not UTF-8.  Am I misunderstanding this point?
Also, Why is Windows XP still relevant in this discussion?
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