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Date 2019-05-08.17:58:29
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When I first wrote and started using ThreadPoolExecutor, I had a lot of code like this:

with ThreadPoolExecutor(max_workers=500) as e:, images)

I didn't expect that `images` would be a large list but, if it was, I wanted all of the downloads to happen in parallel.

I didn't want to have to explicitly take into account the list size when starting the executor (e.g. max_works=min(500, len(images))) but I also didn't want to create 500 threads up front when I only needed a few.

My use case involved transient ThreadPoolExecutors so I didn't have to worry about idle threads.

In principle, I'd be OK with trying to avoid unnecessary thread creation if the implementation can be simple and efficient enough. seems simple enough but I haven't convinced myself that it works yet ;-)
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