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Author CharlieClark
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Date 2019-05-04.12:33:18
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Based on a bug report ( from a user of the openpyxl library I've identified a bug in the zipfile module that causes the Python process to crash on Windows. Currently tested with Python 3.7.3 (32-bit on Windows 10).

Sample code

import faulthandler
import locale
from zipfile import ZipFile


locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, 'de_DE')
out = open("", "wb") 
archive = ZipFile(out, "w")
archive.writestr("properties.xml", b"<workbookPr/>")

faulthandler fingers line 1757 as the culprit but running this line locally does not cause the crash. The issue seems to be limited to Windows.
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