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Date 2019-04-15.11:02:44
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The issue is related to the definition of PyCArgObject:

typedef struct tagPyCArgObject PyCArgObject;

struct tagPyCArgObject {
    ffi_type *pffi_type;
    char tag;
    union {
        char c;
        char b;
        short h;
        int i;
        long l;
        long long q;
        long double D;
        double d;
        float f;
        void *p;
    } value;
    PyObject *obj;
    Py_ssize_t size; /* for the 'V' tag */

This object must be allocated with suitable alignment (which is 16 on many platforms), and the default Python allocator apparently provides 8-byte alignment only on 64-bit platforms.  In short, using PyObject_New with PyCArgObject results in undefined behavior.

This issue potentially affects all compilers, not just Clang.
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