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Date 2019-04-10.13:03:09
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Since this issue has a long history and previously attempts to fix it failed, it seems like the Internet is a black or white world, more like a scale of gray... *Maybe* we need to provide a way to allow to pass junk characters in an URL? (disable URL validation)

Idea: add an optional parameter to urllib, httplib, maybe also ftplib, to allow arbitrary "invalid" URLs / FTP commands. It would be a parameter *per request*, not a global option.

I don't propose to have a global configuration option like an environment variable, urllib attribute or something else. A global option would be hard to control and would impact just too much code.

My PEP 433 has been rejected because of the sys.setdefaultcloexec(cloexec: bool) function which allowed to change globally the behavior of Python. The PEP 446 has been accepted with no *global* option to opt-in for the old behavior, but only "local" *per file descriptor*: os.set_inheritable(fd, inheritable).
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