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Patch committed as of:
For posterity, since the API evolved since the original proposal (as per PR review/suggestions), this is the final incarnation:

    # IPv4 only
    >>> socket.create_server(addr)  
    # IPv6 only
    >>> socket.create_server(addr, family=socket.AF_INET6)
    # IPv4 + IPv6
    >>> socket.create_server(addr, family=socket.AF_INET6, dualstack_ipv6=True)
    # IPv4/6 if possible and don't care about IPv4 mapped addresses, else IPv4
    >>> if socket.has_dualstack_ipv6():
    ...    s = socket.create_server(addr, family=socket.AF_INET6, dualstack_ipv6=True)
    ... else:
    ...    s = socket.create_server(addr)
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