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I think the only pragmatic solution here is to add an optional parameter to logging.basicConfig() that specifies that the logger should use a single global lock; and then start documenting that thread locks and fork() don't work well together.

And note that this solution is pragmatic, not correct (@dhr, when we discussed this off line, pointed out that since python's using threads then a "correct" solution would be to use some sort of inter-process lock).

For instance, if I were to implement emit() as something contrived like:

    with lock:
        s =
        for i in 1 .. s'length:
            b[i] = s[i]
        for i in 1 .. b'length:
        b = []

then when fork() breaks 'lock' the guarantee that the code is atomic is also broken:

- when the child enters the code 'b' is undefined
- the guarantee that log records don't interleave is lost

while a global lock would help mitigate the first case it really isn't a "correct" fix.
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