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Date 2019-03-30.11:56:59
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Some modules have caches. There is a need to clear all tests before running tests. Brett proposed to add in all modules with caches a function with the standardized name which is responsible for clearing module related caches. [1]

The proposed PR adds a new function clear_caches() in the sys module. It iterates all imported modules and calls function __clearcache__() if it is defined.

    def clear_caches():
        for mod in reversed(list(sys.modules.values())):
            if hasattr(mod, '__clearcache__'):

clear_caches() will be used in test.regrtest and can be used in user code. The PR defines also function __clearcache__ for modules which are cleared manually in the current code.

This is a preliminary implementation, bikeshedding is welcome.

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