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Interestingly, I noticed this independently today. :)

Here's what I wrote in #36477 (which I've closed as a duplicate):

When using subinterpreters, any that exist when Py_FinalizeEx() is called do not appear to get cleaned up during runtime finalization.  Maybe I've been looking at the code too much and I'm missing something. :)

This really isn't a problem except for embedders that use subinterpreters (where we're leaking memory).  However, even with the "python" executable it can have an impact because the subinterpreters' non-daemon threads will exit later than expected. (see #36469 & #36476)

The solution would be to finalize all subinterpreters at the beginning of Py_FinalizeEx(), right before the call to wait_for_thread_shutdown().  This means calling Py_EndInterpreter() for all the runtime's interpreters (except the main one).  It would also mean setting a flag (_PyRuntime.interpreters.finalizing?) right before that to disallow creation of any more subinterptreters.
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