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Date 2019-03-12.09:49:52
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Further investigation shows that several time related functions were added to macOS at 10.12 including clock_gettime. For older systems, timemodule.c falls back to using getrusage. With Python 3.6.x, that fallbacks correctly but it appears that refactoring introduced with the implementation of PEP 564 (bpo-31784, #3989) broke that for 3.7.x (and master/3.8).  I've attached a WIP PR that at the moment just turns Alexander's test into a potential test case.

Since this problem has been around since 3.7.0, I am lowering the priority to "deferred blocker" to not hold up 3.7.3rc1.

Victor, I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at this. Thanks!
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