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Author vstinner
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Date 2019-02-21.12:09:22
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After my change:

commit 3ef6344ee53f59ee86831ec36ed2c6f93a56229d
Author: Victor Stinner <>
Date:   Tue Feb 19 18:06:03 2019 +0100

    bpo-36037: Fix test_ssl for strict OpenSSL policy (GH-11940)

Two tests are still failing on the Debian buildbot worker:

ERROR: test_networked_good_cert (test.test_httplib.HTTPSTest)
ssl.SSLCertVerificationError: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: EE certificate key too weak (_ssl.c:1055)

ERROR: setUpClass (test.test_nntplib.NetworkedNNTP_SSLTests)
ssl.SSLError: [SSL: DH_KEY_TOO_SMALL] dh key too small (_ssl.c:1055)

We should use different servers or contact admins of these servers to update their TLS configuration and/or certificate.
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