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Thank you for your contribution and your issue, it's really appreciated. I had a doubt about this point and I wanted to verify about the HTTP headers.

But in the previous version of this RFC7230:

Here is the section 4.2 "Message Headers" of this previous RFC:
where you have "Field names are case-insensitive".

We can see the RFC2616 was replaced by multiple RFCs (7230-7237) and in the RFC 7230, there is a section 3.2 where there is the description of the header fields.

In the section 3.2 of RFC7230:

3.2. Header Fields
Each header field consists of a case-insensitive field name followed
by a colon (":"), optional leading whitespace, the field value, and
optional trailing whitespace.

So in this case, it's case-insensitive.

I think we can close this issue and the associated Pull Request.

Have a nice day and thank you,
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