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Hello all,

There was a lot of traction on this discussion a month ago and I was wondering if any updates/expectations should be set?  Specifically:

1.  There is a PR for a doc change that Terry approved, but wanted another core dev to look at.  If there is agreement on the doc change, then perhaps it can be merged for 3.8?  If not, then perhaps it can be closed?

2.  There was discussion about creating a PEP and I believe Barry, Jason, and possibly Nick said they wanted to work on it.  Has more work been done on that?  I'm not trying to push anyone, but I saw on other threads about the virtual whiteboard group being created to get some traction on ideas before PyCon, so I just wanted to put this back on the radar in case you wanted it to generate discussion at the language summit.

3.  I realize that PEPs are needed for any change and even to define what that change might look like, but is there any value in adding PendingDeprecationWarnings for 3.8 if that's a possible action that will happen?  As I understand it, it would be easier to remove that warning later instead of delaying any actions from it.

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