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I've been thinking about this a bit more.  ISTM that for now, it's best to get mode() working for everyday use, returning just the first mode encountered.  This keeps the signature simple (Iterable -> Scalar).

In the future, if needed, there is room to add separate functions with their own clean signatures and use cases.  For example, having a separate multimode() that always returns a list would be clearer and easier to use than setting a flag on the current scalar valued mode() function. 

Another example would be mode_estimate() that returns a scalar float
that estimates the mode given data sampled from a continuous variable. This warrants its own function because the signature, use cases, options, and implementation method are all completely different from a mode based on counting.

Categorical, binned, or ordinal data:

   mode(data: Iterable, *, first_tie=False) -> object
   multimode(data: Iterable) -> List[object]

Continuous data:

   mode(data: Iterable[Real]) -> Real
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