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My PR fixes both issues properly, but adds a minor "feature" to distutils by making distutils.sysconfig.get_python_inc() potentially return a set of include paths (with os.path.pathsep separators).

This is fully internal, so right now we know it'll only occur when building in the source tree on Windows, so I'm not concerned about it. It'd also work on any platform through an environment variable, which it is, but it looks like most people simply attach "-I" at the start and pass it to gcc (which again, since they're not on Windows, they're not going to hit the one case we know about).

I'd rather do it properly than have a one-time hack just for this build scenario, and I certainly don't want to be copying files within the source tree. So I'm intending to go ahead with this design, but wanted to allow any interested parties to push back if they know of some reason that I don't.
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