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> 1. Is there a possibility that 3rd party applications like pip 
> could see bugs with Python 3.7.2?

A bug occurs when running an entry-point script, such as pip.exe, for a system- or user-installed Python 3.7.2+ from the context of a virtual environment for 3.7.2+. The script executable redirects to run `"path\to\python.exe" "path\to\<script_name>.exe"`. This will inherit __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__ and thus run in the virtual environment. The environment doesn't have to be activated. People use inactive virtual environments for various purposes, so it doesn't defy my expectations that someone may have a problem. I think the distlib launchers should make the same change to unset __PYVENV_LAUNCHER__, which is why I nosied Vinay.
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