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> 1. The name "topsort" is most naturally parsed as "top sort" which could be misinterpreted (as a sort that puts items on top in some way). If the name must be abbreviated then "toposort" would be better.

I totally agree that `topsort` is a bad name, I used it more or less as a dummy for starting the discussion about the implementation.

> 2. "Topological sort" is a terrible name: the analogy with topological graph theory is (i) unlikely to be helpful to anyone; and (ii) not quite right. I know that the name is widely used in computing, but a name incorporating "linearize" or "linear order" or "total order" would be much clearer.

Topological sort (not as the function name) but as an operation is a very well known concept and is well defined. If you are referring to not use "Topological Sort" in the docstrings or the documentation, I strongly oppose.

Regarding the interface, I am more happy to change it once there is an agreement. I am still awaiting Raymond's comments regarding this so we can start discussing.
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