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Date 2019-01-16.23:47:27
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> Hi,

> As a disclaimer, I'm a FreeBSD developer interested in making sure we're doing the right thing here. =)

> May I ask what the above assessment is based on, and specifically what we need to address?

Hello, Kyle! That assessment is based on my quick and incorrect reading of posix_spawn source code. I didn't notice that "error" is visible in the parent due to address space sharing. Sorry for that, and thank you for the correction. A proper error notification is required for posix_spawn to be used in subprocess as a replacement for fork/exec, and FreeBSD does it right.

While we're here, would you be kind to answer several questions about posix_spawn on FreeBSD?

1) On Linux, without taking additional precautions, signals may be delivered to a child process created via vfork(). If a signal handler runs in such a child, it can leave traces of its work in the (shared) memory, potentially surprising the parent process. To avoid this, glibc[1] and musl[2] disable all signals (even signals used internally for thread cancellation) before creating a child, but FreeBSD calls vfork() right away. Is this not considered a problem, or is something hidden in vfork() implementation?

2) Another problem with vfork() is potential sharing of address space between processes with different privileges (see Rich Felker's post[3] about this and the previous problem). Is this a valid concern on FreeBSD?

3) Does FreeBSD kernel guarantee that when waitpid(WNOHANG) is called at [4], the child is ready for reaping? On Linux, it's not always the case[5].

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