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In Ubuntu 16.04, with python 3.5, as well as custom built 3.6 and 3.7.1:

Given a file foo.txt (with content "foo") and a symlink myLink to it, packed in a tar,  and   a file bar.txt (with content "bar") with a symlink myLink to it, packed in another tar,
unpacking the two tars into the same folder (first foo.tar, then bar.tar) leads to the following behavior:

In GNU tar, the directory will contain:
foo.txt (content "foo")
bar.txt (content "bar")
myLink ->bar.txt.

Using python's tarfile however, the result of calling tarfile.extractall on the two tars will give:
foo.txt (content "bar")
bar.txt (content "bar")
myLink ->foo.txt.

1. Unpack the attached symLinkBugRepro.tar.gz into a new folder
2. run > bash repoSymlink.bash (does exactly what is described above)
3. if the last two lines of the output are "bar" and "bar" (instead of "foo" and "bar"), then the content of foo.txt has been overwritten.

Note that this is related to issues like

None of these issues target the issue at hand, however.

The problem lies in line 2201 of
The assumption is that any exception only comes from the os not supporting symlinks. But here, the exception comes from the symlink already existing, which should be caught separately. The correct behavior is then NOT to extract the member, but rather to overwrite the symlink (as GNU tar does).
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