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Ah, got it (and see the pipelines comment by Steve).

Jeremy, I suspect you might actually be able to restart the most recent 3.6 builds on my builders since you were the committer.  It changed in Sep to only allow python-core users and the "owner" of the build.  Though I don't think I learned for sure if owner was the author of the commit or just the actual committer.

I think Zachary was going to look into it time permitting.  We probably need a different GitHub group for buildbot owners or something.

Separately, I think in the context of this issue I think it's fair to say that the commit need not be rolled back.  I have to imagine that anyone trying to build 3.6 using VS 2015 at this point is going to be better represented by Jeremy's worker than mine (in terms of VS point release and default SDK installation), and I expect to be able to resolve any remaining issues worker-side once some 3.6 builds go through.
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