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Date 2018-11-30.00:02:26
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> Now in order to keep the module more or less up-to-date, it still
> required regular updates, so the plan was to have it updated in the
> current versions of Python, but allow it to be used in older Python
> versions as well. That was the compromise to have it in the stdlib
> and not external. Otherwise, I would have not added it to the stdlib.

I don't understand if you are describing the current status or the history here. Do you know users who don't use platform form the stdlib, but use a more recent copy?

These users cannot get a more recent version of Python?

When you talk about copying Lib/ from master to Python 2.7, are you talking about the ability to copy from master into an application to get a more recent version on Python 2.7? If yes, I don't understand how you plan to add back the linux_distribution() feature?

Sorry, I'm still lost :-(
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