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Date 2018-11-29.20:00:38
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Formatted strings seem to have some quirks.  
if you try putting in this, for example;
print(f'{0 0}')
; you get a syntax error, which is probably intended, but where the error is reported is not always accurate.  for example;
#just a comment, it doesn't matter what it says
print(f'{0 0}')
;will raise the syntax error, and highlight the j,u,and s in the comment!  that doesn't help, and makes it look like the comment is the error.  this is a real pain to debug if you hadn't known about this.  it took me about 2 hours to track down the problem.  seriously, this should be fixed.  I haven't tested the problem in any editor but idle, so the cause could be anywhere.  I was first using 3.7.0, I've just updated to 3.7.1 to make sure it still happens, and it does.
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