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Author cstratak
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Date 2018-11-15.16:14:01
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Through acb8c5234302f8057b331abaafb2cc8697daf58f the CFLAGS_NODIST variable was created, in order to place there compiler flags used by the interpreter, but not intended to be propagated to C extensions.

I saw a similar issue when working on backporting 67e997bcfdac55191033d57a16d1408aL1313 on python 3.6, where the -flto flag should be passed to CFLAGS_NODIST instead of BASECFLAGS, however even if that is fixed, the LDFLAGS will still be propagated to C extensions.

Thus in order to provide more flexibility in that regard, I propose to add the LDFLAGS_NODIST variable, which in a similar vein as CFLAGS_NODIST, will hold the LDFLAGS intended to be used only by the interpreter.

Thoughts or comments on this approach?
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