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Author vstinner
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Date 2018-11-13.08:07:49
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Status: only pyport. and tupleobject.h use Py_BUILD_CORE, and only tupleobject.h uses "#ifdef Py_BUILD_CORE" (contains code specific to internals).

$ grep Py_BUILD_CORE Include/*.h
Include/pyport.h:#               if defined(Py_BUILD_CORE) || defined(Py_BUILD_CORE_BUILTIN)
Include/pyport.h:#               else /* Py_BUILD_CORE */
Include/pyport.h:#               endif /* Py_BUILD_CORE */
Include/pyport.h:#if defined(Py_BUILD_CORE) || defined(Py_BUILD_CORE_BUILTIN)
Include/pyport.h:#endif /* Py_BUILD_CORE */
Include/tupleobject.h:#ifdef Py_BUILD_CORE


#ifdef Py_BUILD_CORE
#  define _PyTuple_ITEMS(op) ((((PyTupleObject *)(op))->ob_item))

I added this macro in bpo-35199, to prepare the C code for a new C API hiding implementation details: see bpo-35206.
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