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Date 2018-11-10.13:19:14
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Victor, you moved declarations of some functions to other headers, but didn't include the new headers into files that implement the functions in some cases. For example, _PyGILState_Init was moved into Include/internal/pycore_lifecycle.h in a1c249c40517917d2e0971d55aea8d14a44b2cc8, but it's implemented in Python/pystate.c, which doesn't include the new header.

This may lead to subtle problems because the compiler can't check that signatures of the declaration and the implementation match. I suggest to use -Wmissing-prototypes and -Wmissing-declarations to detect such situations:

../../cpython/Python/pystate.c: At top level:
../../cpython/Python/pystate.c:968:1: warning: no previous prototype for ‘_PyGILState_Init’ [-Wmissing-prototypes]
 _PyGILState_Init(PyInterpreterState *i, PyThreadState *t)
../../cpython/Python/pystate.c:988:1: warning: no previous prototype for ‘_PyGILState_Fini’ [-Wmissing-prototypes]

Sadly, there are many other similar issues in Python now, but you can at least compare the number of warnings before and after your changes.
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