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Date 2018-11-10.02:29:30
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Just adding the open issues given Raymond's message for reference. A lot of the IDLE issues have patches and since we moved to GitHub they were not updated. Thanks to Tal for converting some patches togit PRs. I would like to help with minor issues (changing Untitled to untitled) to get familiarity with the IDLE codebase and testing given limited bandwidth from the team of Terry, Tal and Cheyrl.

> There has also been a long standing open request to have a hot key to run linting or code formatting tools directly from IDLE.  For beginners, it is too painful to have to try to coordinate between these command line tools and the IDLE editing environment.  Some basic integration of the two seems like it would be a straight-forward task.

> Cntl-plus and Cntl-minus to change the font size. (Seems to work with Turtledemo)

> An easy way to turn-on and off line numbering with off as the default. I don't personally need this, but some learner will request it once each week.

> A hotkey to clear the entire text window.
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