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* In the File Save dialog, the suggested filename should be "" rather than "".  This would reflect our modern module naming conventions.  Ideally, it should warn against unimportable names like "Intro Lesson --"

* For Mac users, a fresh install of Python from comes without certificates installed.  Immediately, people will get an inscrutable error message when they try to use urlopen('').read().  The recommended solution is to use the Finder to locate Python3.7 under Applications and then run the Install Certificates command.  It would be great if we could do this directly from IDLE so that people don't have to leave the environment to get Python to be minimally functionally for internet access.

* Another feature request that has been open for a long time is a window to interact with pip.  We need very little, a "pip freeze" to show what is installed, and a "pip install -U" option to install or upgrade a package.  It is not a good beginner experience to have to leave the IDLE environment and brave the BASH command-line or Windows command-line (with its attendant pathing issues) just to install requests or pyflakes.

* There has also been a long standing open request to have a hot key to run linting or code formatting tools directly from IDLE.  For beginners, it is too painful to have to try to coordinate between these command line tools and the IDLE editing environment.  Some basic integration of the two seems like it would be a straight-forward task.
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