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Date 2018-11-06.11:07:28
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The discussion with Victor on highlighted the fact that it's OK to use 8-bit string comparisons to check for "-E", "-I", and a "-X coerce_legacy_c_locale=0" due to the fact that all encodings used as locale encodings are sufficiently ASCII compatible for that to work as desired.

So before proceeding with merging, I'm going to review that possibility, and see how much code it would actually add to support an extra internal helper API like:

    int _Py_LegacyLocaleCoercionEnabled(int argv, char* argv[]);

That would then inspect the unprocessed 8-bit command line arguments, as well as the process environment, to determine whether or not locale coercion should be attempted, making the complete dance:

    if (_Py_LegacyLocaleDetected() && _Py_LegacyLocaleCoercionEnabled(argc, argv))

If we wanted to officially expose this for embedding apps, the API would need a bit more thought, so it probably makes sense to wait and see if the nominally-private-but-exposed-to-the-linker approach is good enough in practice.
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