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Date 2018-10-11.19:40:00
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Oh, you didn't mention --enable-shared!  But still it's not clear to me what problem your last results shows.  The value of python3-config --ldflags looks fine (ignore the repeated -framework CoreFoundation).  Are you still getting the "ld: -stack_size option can ...' message when you built the second time?  An installed --enable-shared build for me works just fine when using a non-standard prefix, i.e. a location where there is not already a Python3 installed.  So I still can't reproduce a problem.

By the way, I always recommend to avoid using the --enable-shared option for macOS builds; I know there are cases in the past where there *has* been build issues when building shared and there is already a Python installed at that prefix.  If possible, stick either a "plain Unix" build (no --enable-shared, no --enable-framework) or a framework build.  You're less likely to run into at first glance head-scratching building and linking issues.
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