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Date 2018-10-08.22:13:09
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When a user uses from import, there is a flaw in how mimetype.init() updates its global references.

# Option-1 (flawed)
# -----------------
from mimetypes import init, types_map

print(types_map.get('.gz'))  # None
init()  # <- initialize
print(types_map.get('.gz'))  # None

# Option-2
# --------
import mimetypes

print(mimetypes.types_map.get('.gz'))  # None
mimetypes.init()  # <- initialize
print(mimetypes.types_map.get('.gz'))  # application/gzip

As you can see in line:358 global reference is reassigned and thus it prevents `from mimetype import types_map` from being updated and using old `types_map` reference.

Potential solution would be to `types_map.update(new dict content)` vs reassigning the variable.
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