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Date 2018-10-07.05:09:00
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tkinter.Tk().winfo_screenmmwidth() and tkinter.Tk().winfo_screenmmheight() give manifestly incorrect values in Windows. This does not appear to be an issue in Linux. I have not tested a Mac. The values reported in Windows are too large by as much as 58%. Searching online seems to indicate that the issue is some applications in Windows are "dpi aware"; unfortunately, none of the so-called work-arounds I've found actually fix the problem. The tkinter.Tk().winfo_screenwidth() and tkinter.Tk().winfo_screenheight() functions, reporting their results in pixels, appear to be correct. A MWE is simply

import tkinter

This reports a 508 mm on my 15.6" screen, when the true value is closer to 343 mm. This is a 48% error, and hence an unusable result. 

Thank you for your time!
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