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Date 2018-09-24.05:50:59
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BTW, those tests were all done under a 64-bit build.  Some differences in a 32-bit build:

1. The test_tuple hash test started with 6 collisions.  With the change, it went down to 4.  Also changing to the FNV-1a 32-bit multiplier boosted it to 8.  The test passes in all those cases.

2. For 4-tuples taken from range(-50, 51) omitting -1 and -2:  massive number of collisions under the current code.  Died with MemoryError with the change - ran out of memory to build the Counter recording all the distinct hash codes.

Changing it to 3-tuples instead:  somewhere around 140 collisions with the change, and also changing to the FNV-1a 32-bit multiplier eliminated all collisions.

All of this was done under Win 10, using Visual Studio 2017.
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