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> I think the idea here is: don’t feed the trolls.

+1.  Please stop this.

Larry, IMHO, if you seriously want to discuss this issue (and bring more attention to it) I think you should email to python-commiters.  Otherwise this is just a pointless distraction to those of us who ended up randomly added to the nosy list and have no interest in this topic.

A restricted (but open) mailing list to discuss controversial topics like this is a common practice.

> But I don't understand how that translates into CPython issue tracker policy.

Selecting all "components" and adding random people to the nosy list goes pretty much against the issue tracker policy.  It should have been closed right from the beginning, because the person who opened it used the wrong medium to convey their message to begin with.

P.S. Please don't add me to the nosy list.
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