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> Oh? I've updated it twice (4e21100fa7bf66e0b32146d3f46ae16afc73fee1 and 5033aa77aacaa5505636f150e8d54baac5bdca9c), and it didn't seem so bad. I just copied the upstream files in. Did I do it wrong?

Let me remind what I did...

bpo-30694 (expat 2.2.1):

* I wrote a script to rebuild Modules/expat/ from the upstream code
* I had to manually keep our old pyexpatns.h file since it's a downstream change
* Then you have to add againt #include "pyexpatns.h" in Modules/expat/expat_external.h
* It broke buildbots: bpo-29591
* The change introduced a compilation warning: bpo-30797

bpo-30947 (expat 2.2.3):

* "If libexpat is upgraded in Python 2.7, the new Modules/expat/loadlibrary.c should also be added to PC/VS9.0/ project files, as I did for PCbuild."
* "Expat 2.2.3 has a bug: see bpo-31170 :-("
* etc.

There are different issues:

* We have some small downstream changes
* We still support VS 2008 for Python 2.7 whereas upstream doesn't care of this old legacy compiler
* Each release introduces its own set of bugs :-D
* Each release comes with its own set of new warnings...

At least for me, each update was painful. It's also painful to have to make the same change in all supported branches (2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, master).
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