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Date 2018-09-18.19:42:11
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On 18/09/2018 19:24, Steve Dower wrote:
> Steve Dower <> added the comment:
> That executable doesn't appear to be in a virtual environment - you should be running C:\TEMP\venv\abcd\Scripts\python.exe
> Does that resolve your problem?


I am *not* running python, I am running a C app which embeds the python interpreter.
I am running exactly


In a later comment you say the behaviour of Py_GetProgramFullPath is intentional: which behaviour? 
Windows? Linux? or the fact that they behave differently?

I guess that if there were a way to force Py_GetProgramFullPath() it would solve my problem, because 
I could direct towards the correct virtual environment.

If sys.executable becomes None for embedded python (without the ability to set it), then virtual 
environments wont work at all, which would be sad.
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