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A request have been srecentrly uddenly committed to avoid Slave/Master wording in python code, I think the "issue"was not enough peer-reviewed, me having slave roots from my african and jewish heritage I dont consider this matter an Issue, but the Wording Slave/Master widely used to depict component relationship is better for understanding the purpose of the component relation than the non-traditional wording schemes as Parent/Worker, specially for those being non-native English readers the change has issues on code readability specially for non-English readers.

Simple, its much easier to understand the meaning of Slave/Master relationship in device functionality than Worker/Helper, I consider the whole issue as an intrusion of the "politically correct" puritanism in areas where is not required.

The main force behind Python success is CODE READABILITY, not  political rightfulness, this should be stopped here,Python itself the language name its an word which remembers snakes a creature considered impure by both Jew/Islamic/Christian religions, by appling the same political rightfulness code to this, Python language should be renamed to something non-offensive to Jew/Islamic/Christians as Bunny, (and this at least doesnt affect language readbility, since "run bunny code" vs "run python code" its easier to understand than "Process Master delegate X Data to Slave process" vs "Parent process Delegate X Data to Worker Process", the later meaning is not as easy to understand, since Parent can be translated in N ways across different languages, I.E. Spanish: Parent could means mother, father, cause while Worker just means Worker (not intrinsically related to cause or mother).

I think the python language should be kept from explicitly offensive wordings not those "niche" offensive wordings when the whole language is named after an animal that is offensive on most cultures (And its not a problem), the same naming process slave/master doesn't denote support to slavery, are just words that its more easy to understand its meaning (given its more uniform) across multiple human languages.

I consider the voting mechanism should consider polls among programmers before commit matters like this in the future, which respectfully I consider ridiculous and I said it with respect to my slave ancestors.
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