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Date 2018-09-08.08:39:53
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> For diversity reasons, it would be nice to try to avoid "master" and "slave" terminology which can be associated to slavery.

This is too vague. Define what "diversity reasons" are and elaborate your point. Referring to some online discussions is not a way for making a serious argument. Make a point at least (i.e. define the term, add pro/contra arguments and explain why you've taken your decision). Your political standpoint is your political standpoint and it's not my business. However, making these changes without giving reasons and arguments for them is a problem.

Let me ask:

Are these "diversity reasons" really reasons? What I've heard seen so far regarding "diversity reasons, ..." had little to nothing to do with rational thinking or argumentation. Is it really necessary to pollute Python code base with SJW ideology/terminology? What comes next?

Ad absurdum: If I find anything associated with something unpleasant to me in Python code or something which can be considered as e.g. "cultural appropriation", I'm free to change it for diversity reason?
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