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Thanks for the discussion.

Since I tried to join the efforts here in 2016 two years ago I was (and still am) enthusiastic, and willing to invest quite a bit of energy. Still, we have missed the 3.6 and 3.7 releases to change something about the fact that there is no simple way to load certificate data from memory rather than files.

I really appreciate the work that as been done on It's a truly great effort. But I think the fact that we did not land a solution since 2012 is somewhat an indicator showing that building smaller chunks and showing the willingness to iterate on a solution would have led to a more tangible outcome, something that I could use right now when building Python applications (how great would that be?). Honestly, the small API changes that were discussed here for years and that I think I implemented do not seem problematic to me from a maintenance and deprecation perspective. Yes, PEP 543 proposes a more idealistic way of doing things. But I do not see how implementing PEP 543 would have been slowed down or negatively affected in any way by the last patch I proposed. looks very big, and C is not as much my comfort zone as is Python. Still, please let me know if you would like me to contribute!

By the way, I would have _really_ liked to see the following feedback around the first time I submitted the patch:

> For example it's missing several GIL releases calls. The password callback doesn't look correct in some places.

I remember that this aspect of writing the patch consumed quite a bit of my time and I operated with care, knowing the risks. I very much would have appreciated specific feedback on this. To learn, and to actually address problems.

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