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Date 2018-08-27.17:12:58
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test_socket.RecvmsgIntoSCMRightsStreamTest fails on AMD64 FreeBSD CURRENT Debug 3.x:

FAIL: testFDPassSeparateMinSpace (test.test_socket.RecvmsgIntoSCMRightsStreamTest)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/home/pablo/cpython/Lib/test/", line 2881, in testFDPassSeparateMinSpace
    maxcmsgs=2, ignoreflags=socket.MSG_CTRUNC)
  File "/usr/home/pablo/cpython/Lib/test/", line 2798, in checkRecvmsgFDs
    self.assertEqual(len(fds), numfds)
AssertionError: 1 != 2

Ran 18 tests in 0.084s

FAILED (failures=1)
test test_socket failed
test_socket failed

== Tests result: FAILURE ==

1 test failed:

I was able to reproduce the bug in the buildbot but this same test fails in 3.6 and 3.5 in the buildbot so it can be some configuration in the buildbot or some regression in FreeBSD.
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