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I suggest reclosing this issue, for the same reason I suggested closure of #24665 in msg321291: abstract unicode 'characters' (graphemes) do not, in general, have fixed physical widths of 0, 1, or 2 n-pixel columns (or spaces).  I based that fairly long message on IDLE's multiscript font sample as displayed on Windows 10.  In that context, for instance, the width of (fixed-pitch) East Asian characters is about 1.6, not 2.0, times the width of fixed-pitch Ascii characters.  Variable-width Tamil characters average about the same.  The exact ratio depends on the Latin font used.

I did more experiments with Python started from Command Prompt with code page 437 or 65001 and characters 20 pixels high.  The Windows console only allows 'fixed pitch' fonts.  East Asian characters, if displayed, are expanded to double width.

However, European characters are not reliably displayed in one column. The width depends on the both the font selected when a character is entered and the current font. The 20 latin1 characters in '¢£¥§©«®¶½ĞÀÁÂÃÄÅÇÐØß' usually display in 20 columns.  But if they are entered with the font set to MSGothic, the '§' and '¶' are each displayed in the middle of 2 columns, for 22 total.  If the font is changed to MSGothic after entry, the '§' and '¶' are shifted 1/2 column right to overlap the following '©' or '½' without changing the total width.  Greek and Cyrillic characters also sometimes take two columns.

I did not test whether the font size (pixel height) affects horizontal column spacing.
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