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Date 2018-08-13.12:48:25
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(Note:  I am talking only about the disclosure issue; file corruption would ideally be fixed as far back as possible, though I would be somewhat sympathetic to a "nah, that ain't security, too late" argument.)

My current UI shows this as relevant to every release *except* 3.4 and 3.8.  If it is really 3.4 only, I think it should be closed -- anyone still using 3.4 *and* able to install from source is likely to be more upset by unexpected (and possibly silent) breakage of an existing process than new exploits of a 6 year old bug.  

If it really does apply to 3.5-3.7, then it would be good to do the same fix in all (and to match 3.8, which presumably is also affected, and simply wasn't available to check when the Versions were last set).

If, for some reason, the *right* fix on 3.8 (or at least 3.7 or 3.6) doesn't apply to earlier 3.x versions, I suggest closing it as won't-fix on those older versions.

That said, I'm probably the wrong person to verify which versions are affected, so consider this as only soft support for Release Manager to do so if this continues to languish.
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